Stone Wall Cladding for feature walls and retaining walls add an extra element of organic dimension to your backyard. Use Stone Wall Cladding in your backyard, as an addition to your interior design, as a focal point in your pool, or to line your garden beds. Perfect for all residential and commercial builds, our Stone Wall Cladding can be made to suit the exact design, shading, and style that you are after.

While the stone claddings are mostly installed for the aesthetic purpose, it also provides insulation to your rooms. It helps in preventing heat loss from your rooms. With some thorough research, you can find out which type of cladding can provide optimum insulation to your rooms. Through effective insulation, the dependence on the electrical appliance reduces.

Easy maintenance is another major benefit of using stone cladding. With longevity, durability, and weather-resistant properties, maintaining the stone cladding is easy. Simply using plain water, you can easily remove the stains and dirt. When it comes to restoring the shine of the stones, the normal detergent solution can work like magic. In case of rainwater or snow on the exterior or interior, strong wipers can conveniently remove them.

Among all the advantages of stone cladding, the customization option is a major reason behind its growing popularity. With plenty of styling and finishing choices available in stone cladding, you can easily customize them and add a unique touch. Whether you want linear styles, 3D effects, or any other pattern, you can easily avail them. Moreover, even if you watch a pattern that exactly replicates a TV set, with stone cladding, it is also possible.